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Discovery KIT

Tramonto in Toscana

11 perfumes with a unique character, artistic creations born to arouse olfactory beauty, with unmistakable Italian style. 


The kit includes all our personal fragrances.

Inside the kit you will find: Bianco Latte, Bianco Oro, Blu Indaco, Borabora, Celeste, Christos, Colonia Nobile, Rosso Radice, Rosso Rubino, Scintilla, Shabby Chic.

11 2ml sample of Eau de parfum with high concentration >20%.

€ 35,00

Alessia C. 

The perfumes are very good! Enclosed in an elegant package. My favorite is definitely Indigo Blue I recommend it for those who love persistent and sensual fragrances, great for romantic and feminine women.

Federica M.

Must-have fragrances, one of my all time favorites! Unmistakable brand of refined woman, to love!

Elisa P.

The kit is perfect for perfume lovers who like to change scent from time to time. It allows you to try all the perfumes of the line without having to buy the full size. The fragrances last really long on the skin and do not go unnoticed, it is immediately recognizable when a person wears them. I love it!

Paola L.

I bought the kit a while ago, super pleasant fragrances! I must say that the Bianco Oro struck me immediately and I bought the full size using the discount! You recognize it instantly. One of those few perfumes that leaves its mark. For me it is an explosive perfume that immediately catches the attention. Simply unique.


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